Auction and Real Estate Services

Herberg Auctions has successfully conducted literally hundreds of antique and household auctions over the last 30 years. Our experienced staff of professionals will do everything to make your auction a success. The knowledge we have aquired over the years about antiques, collectibles and household merchandise is vast and well rounded. If the need arises for us to bring in an outsider to establish the value of certain items we will not hesitate to do so in an effort to protect your intrests.

Farm & Machinery

Herberg Auctions has sold just about every type of farm equipment used in this area. Also we have aided in the liquidation of many other forms of machinery including heavy constrution equipment.

Commercial & Business

Herberg Auctions can liquidate your commercial or business assets. We have everything from restaurants to jewelry stores. Some of our liquidation sales also included the real estate. We have an extensive mailing list for just about any type of auction.

Benefits & Fundraisers

Herberg Auctions has participated in many successful fundraising events. A fundraising auction can be a great way to help you raise money for your worthy cause. Our auctions are both exciting and entertianing. Fundraising auctions or benefits are a funfilled event. We will build excitement and crowd participation, and establish a rapport with the crowd and draw them into the spirit of the event. Call Herberg Auctions, and let us help you raise money for your benefit or charity today.